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Expunge Criminal Record – Wipe Past Criminal Record

Why wipe past criminal records?

A past criminal record can be not only a burden to a person but also an inhibiting factor for someone’s success in life. However, it is not as daunting as a life sentence just the way many people perceive a past criminal record. It is a fact that expunging past criminal records is possible and in a proper way, thus letting you move forward with your life and with a clean illegal account. 

Your criminal record can make it even more challenging to have a job or rent an apartment.

Employers and landlords can ask about your criminal background. However, if you expunge your criminal documents, you can honestly say that your record remains clean.

The procedure for getting your criminal records expunged differs in each state.

Best Way to Wipe Criminal Records 

There are various methods on how to wipe criminal records to have a clean criminal history applicable in all government offices.  Here is the best one.

Buy an Expungement

The term expungement is simply the legal name for clearing any criminal record. Expunge criminal records in most United States costs less $150 with the exemption of some states like Tennessee charging as much as $450. Some states will offer an expungement fee waiver for applicants who are too poor to raise the money. Whichever the case then once you apply for your expungement and the application is successful then all your criminal records are erased from the central criminal database thus making it very difficult for any person to access your past criminal records. 

The expungement law varies between states with some states barely having no practical rules to govern the removal of criminal records while in some countries, there are laid down procedures to follow when wiping your past criminal records. 

Who can be eligible for expungement? 

Expungement is almost a must, especially if you are looking forward to a successful future. You want a fresh start and forget past criminal activities. For instance, it becomes tough to get government jobs and private business jobs, hard to get bank loans and mortgages and to some extent, restriction from accessing public amenities like schools, thus compromising your education background.  

The initial step to apply for expungement is checking the website of your state court. Get to know the law enforcement agency, especially from where your arrest orders were given from or the criminal court within your county. It will be easier for them to answer or prove the need for deleting your past criminal records. It is possible to erase unlawful logs for some illegal activities, but some states restrict some of the criminal files that cannot be deleted from the central database. 

Under Which Circumstances can Wipe Your Past Criminal Records Denied?

  Some criminal offenses do not qualify for expungement, especially some serious crimes. For instance, in most states only permit expungement from convictions arising from minor what is termed as lesser crimes. However, on the other hand, significant crimes such as murder, burglary, terrorisms, and other felony convictions are sure no criminal records can be erased from the database immediately. Furthermore, why would a hardcore criminal be allowed back to society to cause more harm than the denial of their natural liberty? 

It will take more time to erase the past criminal record for serious criminal offenses for full investigations and any as a way of upholding social justice. It, therefore, means it is almost practically impossible to commit felony crimes and then wake up the following morning to apply for an expungement.

Once you are done away with serving your sentence and proven beyond any reasonable doubt that you’re a free citizen without any further allegations before you, it will be granted to you. 

  Attorney services are not always fundamental when applying for expungement of your criminal records since in most cases all you are required is to fill out motion of expungement forms, but in case the first attempt to fill this forms fails then you can seek your attorney’s guidance. Although you will get your past criminal history erased, the fact is that most of these records are not entirely deleted since some law enforcement agencies can still trace your account with an in-depth search. 

Actual Innocence certificate is therefore essential since it seals all possibilities of your past criminal history legality being enforceable. It clearly states that at first, the history should not be in existence, therefore void, null, and illegitimate. For instance, if the crime you were convicted of was later dropped then consider applying your Actual Innocence certificate to prove to whoever thinks otherwise while in reality, you are innocent before the law.

Consider applying the expungement of your criminal record today.